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Paige Peterson

Paige Peterson is the author of “Growing Up Belvedere-Tiburon.” She Illustrated “Blackie: The Horse Who Stood Still,” which she co-authored with Christopher Cerf. As an illustrator, she has collaborated on “A Christmas Carol” and “Black Beauty,” adapted by Jesse Kornbluth. As a painter, she is represented by Gerald Peters Gallery in New York and has been honored by The Guild Hall Academy of the Arts in East Hampton.  As a photojournalist, Paige has reported extensively about the Middle East. As a journalist, she has contributed to Marin Magazine, New York Social Diary and the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations. She is the Author and Artist in Residence at Literacy Partners, a Board Member of Catmosphere, National Council on U.S. Arab Relations and Safari West Wildlife Foundation. Raised in Belvedere, California, Ms. Peterson has two grown children and lives in New York City.

Paige M

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Jesse Kornbluth

As a magazine journalist, Jesse Kornbluth has been a Contributing Editor at the New York Times Magazine, New York, and Vanity Fair. From 1997 to 2003, he was Editorial Director of AOL. Since 2004, he has edited a cultural concierge site, He has published four books of non-fiction and two novels: “Married Sex” and “JFK and Mary Meyer: A Love Story.” He has recently completed “The Next Dalai Lama,” a novel about the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama in Merrick, a Long Island suburb of New York City. In collaboration with Paige Peterson, he has abridged "A Christmas Carol" and "Black Beauty."


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David M. Gotz and Paige Peterson

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