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I love this book. I want to send it to my two great-grandchildren and all my friends. The beautiful drawings vividly bring back my childhood, when I fell in love with Black Beauty. Now the memories are refreshed, and time stands still as I look and read Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth’s new rendition of this old classic. Time is kind to this horse --- he is so beautiful that he remains in our minds for a lifetime. To experience “Black Beauty” today is to connect with all your dreams and wishes. Welcome aboard.

Judy Collins

"I am delighted that 'Black Beauty,' a story which inspires kindness, sympathy, and respect for animals in all who read it now has a magnificent set of images to amplify its universal message. This masterpiece will add to the legacy of a story we know and love."

HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud

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"When Jesse Kornbluth and Paige Peterson abridged ‘A Christmas Carol,’ it was a gift to children at Christmas. Now they have abridged ‘Black Beauty’-- a gift to children who love horses every day of the year."  

Joan Ganz Cooney

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"Children squirm when they’re subjected to a lecture, but they have a remarkable capacity to understand ideas when they’re presented as stories. The moral lessons of 'Black Beauty' are compassion, collaboration, and kindness, and as Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth have abridged Anna Sewell’s classic novel, children will take those lessons to heart. This is story-telling at its best."

Sally B. Alturki

"When I read 'Black Beauty' as a youngster, I didn't realize the groundbreaking novel would bring awareness and ultimately help to end the inhumane treatment of horses in England. For Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth to bring fresh insight to the novel and open the door to a new generation of readers is a great accomplishment."

Harry Benson CBE

"Stunningly beautiful!  Truly lovely. Stops you from moving away."

Gigi Benson

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"Paige Peterson’s illustrations are lyrical and inspiring. They capture the spirit of life in its innocence and its vulnerability. What a delight!"

Phillip Moffitt

"Magic, pure magic! Paige’s illustrations in ‘Black Beauty’ will live forever in your heart as a testament to the power of her creative spirit."  

Sharon Levy

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"The beauty of this illustrated classic is its universality. The words are compelling, but even without them, the illustrations convey the compassion and kindness living within this amazing horse — and each of us."
Faith Bushby
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"What a wonderful new edition of this timeless story, abridged for young readers, and vividly brought to life by Paige Peterson’s wonderful illustrations."

Ralph Baxter

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"The viewer is so drawn in to Black Beauty that you want to HUG him."

Cricket Jones

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